Corporate Profile

GSX Techedu Inc. (NYSE: GSX) (“GSX Techedu” or the “Company”) is a technology-driven education company and leading online K-12 large-class after-school tutoring service provider in China. The Company’s core expertise is in online K-12 courses which cover all primary and secondary grades. The Company also offers foreign language, professional and interest courses. GSX Techedu adopted the online live large-class format to deliver its courses, which it believes is the most effective and scalable model to disseminate scarce high-quality teaching resources to aspiring students in China. With a focus on operational efficiency, GSX Techedu achieved profitability in 2018.

GSX Techedu relentlessly pursues the highest quality in its course offerings. Its education excellence is backed by high-quality teachers and in-house curriculum development expertise. To create a disciplined, effective and engaging learning environment under the large-class format, GSX Techedu has adopted a dual-teacher system, staffing each class with an instructor and multiple tutors well trained in the relevant subjects or curriculum. GSX Techedu prides itself of its rigorous and systematic teacher selection and coaching process.

GSX Techedu develops and tailors its proprietary curriculum specifically to the online live large-class format with the goal of driving students’ engagement and academic performance. GSX Techedu designs courses in ways to inspire students’ genuine interest and in-depth interactions, which in turn foster students’ holistic development and thus better learning results. With superior education quality, GSX Techedu’s online K-12 large-class courses were priced at a significant premium compared to average online K-12 large-class courses in China in 2018, according to Frost & Sullivan.

GSX Techedu strives to apply the latest technology to improve the mode of teaching delivery, student learning experience and operational efficiency. Big data analytics permeates each aspect of the Company’s teaching staff training, course development and evaluation, and sales conversion process, which significantly improves education quality and student engagement and optimizes sales and marketing spending on prospective students. GSX Techedu leverages advancements in artificial intelligence technology and its proprietary business & operations support system, or BOSS, to improve the productivity and effectiveness of its instructors and tutors.